Dominant HOA Management Company in Central Valley

Here’s a chance to purchase one of the top HOA property management companies in the Central Valley at a very reasonable price.


Since 2009 it has built an enormously loyal client base thanks to its first-tier customer service and highly-professional team approach.

The company currently has more than 4,400 doors under management with 18 associations under contract. This desirable ratio of nearly 250 doors per association creates highly-efficient workflows and a streamlined, profitable business model.

In the company’s Trailing 12 P&L, Seller’s Discretionary Earnings are $256,244 with very few addbacks. On $694,767 in gross revenues, you’re looking at a tremendous net profit margin of nearly 37%. Most businesses would kill for that kind of profitability.

This company is totally “built-to-sell” and move-in ready. A larger property management company or HOA manager will see this as a tremendous opportunity to grow your portfolio and skyrocket your door count.

The business has thrived during the Covid pandemic, proving how downturn-resistant the HOA management model is. It’s built such a strong track record in the community that the finest associations seek them out.

The owner is a serial entrepreneur who is ready to start a new challenge after a dozen years of success.


  • Asking Price – $750,000
  • Gross Revenues – $694,767
  • Seller’s Discretionary Earnings – $256,244
  • More than 4,400 doors under HOA management
  • 18 community associations under contract
  • Super “sticky” recurring-revenue customers
  • Business highly resistant to economic downturns
  • 6 FT employees plus owner report to office daily
  • 3 private offices, conference room, full kitchen
  • Serial entrepreneur owner wants new challenge

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